We caught cabbage, carrots, potatoes, garlic, beads, toys, paper flowers, ramen soup, Irish Spring soap & so much more!

img_1437.JPG manly yes – but I caught it!
img_1436.JPG Parade friends
img_1442.JPG My parade pal Denise – a fellow Gator!
img_1428.JPG “He Mista – throw us something good.”
FYI – West Bankers (Bankas) have an accent similar to South Boston!

3 Replies to “St Patrick’s Day Pictures”

  1. What are you teaching my precious grandchildren? Soon they won’t give a kiss without expecting something in return. My baby girl already knows how to work a crowd so well that it’s scary. She just gives those little looks & free goodieis come her way. Sounds like Boston parades are tame and boring in comparison. Hope to be there for one of those galas. Sound great!!
    Love you!

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