I keep reading and seeing headlines on the news about child predators looking for kids on the internet. It makes me sick to my stomach & very frightened for all kids. The problem is, that most parents are content with their kids being babysat by the computer as they are with television and video games. If you are reading this blog or Googled and found it, you obviously have a clue about the internet. If you think your little kid won’t stray on the internet – you are an IDIOT!!! Parents need to wake up and see what their kids are doing and actively be involved with their computer usage. Internet and computers aren’t a right, they are a privelage. And as long as they live in your house – you have the right to view their text messages, IMs & surfing history. A few tips from me:

1. No computers behind closed doors – computers should either be in the kitchen or family room.
2. If they have a My Space page or any type of webpage – you must have access to the password. It is your responsibility to monitor their page and view the pages connected to theirs (their friends).
3. If they have a cell phone – look at their text messages & if they are surfing on that.
4. No cams of any type allowed.
5. No chatting or Ims without your prior approval and looking over their should occasionally.
6. Sit down and surf with your kids and play games with them or at least take an interest in what they are doing on the computer.
7. If you can’t monitor – set a password to block usage when you aren’t around.
8. You Tube should NEVER be viewed without supervision!
9. Know the rules at their friends’ houses.
10. You are the parent/guardian – DO YOUR JOB!!!

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  1. As I indicated in the post on HW, the only thing I would add is that you should install at least one of the Parental Control programs like Surf Watch, Net Nanny, Cyber Sitter, etc. Search for Parental Control at Tucows

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