It took 4 visits to get the service hooked up & it still wasn’t right. This is the absolute worst internet provider I have EVER had. They have been down about 75% of the time during the past week. They are always down & their HDTV stinks! If I’m not around – forgive me – I am trying!

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  1. We have tried everything, sattelite TV, dish network, cable, option online and we hate all the services. The people they subcontract to are clueless.
    We have fought with every TV service that ever came into our home, and would you believe that a dish network serviceman actually came to our home to hook up our service and said he was out of material!!! Why bother to show up. And then you get the people who don’t speak your language and you have a hellava time with them. To tell you the truth, I think I could live with 2, 4 5 7,9.ll and 13. To hell with technology.

  2. A friend of Diamond Jim, I am following in his footsteps. I am sick of the subcontracting that is going on in this country. For God’s sake, when you call anywhere, you either get another state or ANOTHER 3RD WORLD COUNTRY! Of course, it is cheaper to outsource to these people. however, when they come to your home and don’t how to do a damn thing, how the hell can you get any type of service done. I am fed up. The last thing that happened to me was a cabletv man almost hit a gas pipe, because the two idiots that I let in my house, didn’t know where the wires went.

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