mailbox.jpgWhen I bought my new house, the one thing I did not like was the beat up mailbox. Fortunately it was hidden behind a plant that I will surely kill in due time. The story is, that this mailbox had to be retreived from down the street after Katrina. After a gazillion hours searching (often getting sidetracked), I found it, the perfect mailbox. I already ordered it and spoke to the owner of Jack’s Toolshed. We chatted for quite a bit & I am going to be his NOLA connection. He is the only on-line distributor of this mailbox (he also is carrying some other cool patio stuff). Yay – my first direct targeted advertisement!!! Gotta pay for my blog habit somehow!

3 Replies to “Fleur de Lis Mailbox”

  1. Wow Greta! It really is a super mailbox, absolutely beautiful. Well you certainly do have good taste in mailboxes. Just kidding. Other things are included in your good taste – your hubby, the kids, the cats, the dog, except why does he always end up in my bed. I’m a cat person except when they eat your hair. Keep adding to your unique items. If I put that mailbox here in MA, it would be gone the next day. May as well keep my crummy one. Noone has tried to steal it so far.
    Love, Mom

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