* my internet is up and running (yay Charter-you read my blog?)
* I have a new coffee maker
* I am finally getting the little rugmonsters in to see their new pediatrician – their allergies have been horrible since we moved here

Headline perusing
*I-12 is dangerous – yep – passed the back-up of traffic yesterday. Aggressive drivers the problem?…hmmm….You mean the ones that ride up the rear of your car and tail you mercilessly & to toy with them you drive even slower (not that I would know anything about that)
* bank robber arrested – Hooah to the Slidell police. He said something to the teller like “scuze me while I whip this out” (for all you Blazing Saddles fans).
* boat owner sues storm rescuers – looking at both sides, & being a boat owner – the city should buy him a new freaking boat!
* I won’t even really cover this one – but saying that a female leader “must be a bitch” heh – if the shoe fits…
* YAY CABLE COMPETITION COMING TO MANDEVILLE- maybe that will make them Charter people work a little harder. The American way, free market..yadayadayada!!!!!! I’ll even sign up to be the spokesperson for the new company!!!

* now I must go complete house chores today so I can head to the Covington Block Party Friday night (with the former owners of our new house)
* Saturday head to the Trailhead in Old Mandeville for the Easter Celebration & all day extravaganza!!!
* All play and no work makes a mom happy!

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