Last year was a year I would like to squash out of my brain. Let’s just say that the Dr. Phil show accepted my story and wanted to do a show on it & I changed my mind. Anyhoo, all that is soooooo behind me & I’ve been in Mandeviile since January 20th of 2007 & things are really going my way for a change! I haven’t earned an income in 11 years (kids are finally all in school all day) and I am finally am going to have some vacation/mad/shoe money in my hand. The opportunities in a post-Katrina world are endless!!!

* I started my business ‘This Mess is a House.” Doing professional home organizing is a dream job for me. I need to do the LLC thing & business seems to be coming my way fairly easily!

*I got paid to write 4 articles/profiles for the next addition of Inside Northside Magazine. I saw the job on Craigslist under gigs for writing and went for it. Thanks Craig! So now I am a freelance writer (not freeloader) for them . Another dream job!

* I am taking my first ad on this blog – for the mailbox with the Fleur de Lis on it & my Google ads are actually generating a little money.

*Yesterday, Jon Donley, from contacted me & I am going to be a freelance blogger for them. Another dream job!


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  1. Have fun with your new adventures, you deserve them all. But if my children suffer, we will have to talk….

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