Another boring day, sitting my dead butt on the couch eating bon-bons by the dozen.

Nahhhh…. I took the kiddos to the pediatrician first thing this morning for their newbie appts. Let’s just say, we had some “issues” at the office. Son #1 has a “needle phobia” and there was NO way – even if I ground him for the rest of his life, take away all media and make him clean all the toilets with his bare hands he was going to get his finger pricked for blood. Damn…wonder where he gets his stubborn streak? (he finally did it after we left the office & drove away twice). Dr Vides is a sweetheart and was very patient!

Went home to let Chulo the Stupor Dog out, ran some errands, then decided to go poke at TJMaxx for Spring clothes that I really do need (justification is always necessary). I got a call from Stacey Rase, the editor from Inside Northside, that they have one more article for me to write and it was due last MONDAY!

I leave TJ Maxx with directions to go on an interview for the article in Bush, LA on the way to Bogalusa (say what?). Virgin territory for me – but I was up for the adventure – have minivan will travel! So I drove & I drove & I drove and ended up in their office that was somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I’m pretty sure those were the names of the roads, Somehwere crossed Nowhere and then take a windy road to Someplace…yep. Turns out this company is owned by 2 high school pals in their late twenties. They were a hoot & so was their sales manager. See-Hear Productions is their baby.” I have yet to attend an event they produced, but look forward to it in the near future!!! John, Patrick & Jamie are awesome & I hope to cross paths with them real soon – preferably with beers in our hands!

Now to finish the article…

Update: Oops it was Sun, LA not Bush. I must have sneezed and crossed a town line.