By making a deal with the devil, I am referencing my Charter internet services. Yesterday, I spent at least an hour of “my time” on the phone with someone who speaks English as their second language and works in some type of customer service sweatshop in a foreign land. You know, the person who reads the service questions from a teleprompter and can’t sway from the conversation. Then today I had to deal with Miss Voice Customer Service. This is the automated help that makes you stay on with her for a week until she can no longer respond to your questions and transfers you to the real live foreign person queu before you can speak to a real live person from a foreign country. Here is my new proposed plan Charter:

1. Charge me a flat fee for every month of uninterrupted service (you can actually raise the price if you can do it)
2. For every week that my services is interrupted for more than 5 minutes from Monday – Sunday – that week gets subtracted from the bill.
3. If I have to spend more thean 5 minutes on the phone with customer service or Miss Voice customer service – that day is subtracted from my bill.
4. If the snotty e-mail customer service wench logs off on me when I am not done, but she is – 1 month free!

For the love of internet – please bring some competition to the area!

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