We went to the new Mandeville playground yesterday. What an amazing creation with so much thought put into it. There aren’t any pictures on their site – so I’ll share a few with you.img_1475.JPGimg_1479.JPGimg_1480.JPG
And my dad having his first beignet at Cafe’ DuMonde. Notice the newbie covered with powdered sugar!dadbeignet.JPG

2 Replies to “Spring Break so far”

  1. He looks like he could be a true southerner Greta. He would fit right in with us. Enjoy your time with him.

    See you in a few weeks.

  2. Greta,
    You really got a good one of your dad & love the sugar covering. He does wear his food so well. He may never come back to cold cold New England. You may have to keep him, although he will miss the kitties & me (Right!) About now he is happy getting spoiled & pampered. Sorry, he doesn’t get it here.

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