Son #1 goes to Lake Harbor Middle School in Madeville now & son #2 will be there next year with him. Tonight they had their “Evening with the Stars.” I was blown away! Something unique to this area school system is how they group and evaluate their “gifted” students. They wouldn’t even honor #1’s gifted rating from our last school. All gifted kids here get IEPs (individual education programs), which is commonly used for any special needs. They have grouped gifted as special needs & recognize art, music, drama & academic talents at this school. I have requested testing for both boys as I hate for them to miss out on these opportunities if they have some talent that is hiding (well hidden right now).

The school was totally embellished with the children’s artwork. All classes had displays throughout the halls and there were special displays for the Gifted Art classes. I can barely play Pictionary and these kids…well…are truly gifted! Other showcases and events happened throughout the night as well. #1 son read poetry at the “Coffee House.” What a ham with such charisma and a sense of humor (wonder where he gets it – snark) There was Bucky’s coffee & cookies served there too. Kids read poetry, stories etc… There were other performances going on throughout the whole school in drama and music too. Of course the icing on the cake was the Book Fair which I helped set up on Monday. We dropped a few bucks and headed home.

If anyone on the school board is reading this – the librarian NEEDS a full-time assistant!

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  1. Welcome to Mandeville. I’m a newbie here myself. My son and I moved here in May of 06 and he also attends Lake Harbor. Just wanted to drop you a note to say Hi!

  2. #1 son also looks (and acts) just like you, as for #2, just like his father…..only daughter will tear you all up….good luck and glad all are well.

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