That’s right, I’m inventing myself in Mandeville, in NOLA, in Louisiana. I am creating my own stardom without the paparazzi and paycheck. I am tooting my own horn as a “new local personality.” Louisiana, Greta Perry and her whole fam damily have arrived and you will have to beat us with a stick to get rid of us!

I have made it my personal mission since my arrival here in January, to be a positive spokesperson for the area. I don’t have a spot on the local news or national news, but would love to get my positive spin on the area out there for all to hear (hint hint). Hey, being highlighted on the front page of is a start!

*Am I rich? No.
*Do I get paid big dollars for anything? No.
*Do I have the looks of the other new personality mom and good-will ambassador in town? It depends how many beers you have had and how dark it is.
*Do I have any special talents? That is still to be decided.
*Am I happy I moved my family to Mandeville this year? You betcha!

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