* This NOLA.com gig rocks! Welcome new readers! My name in lights and $200 bucks a month-what more could a girl ask for? Lots would be an appropriate response – I want it all! (never mind – I have it all, but more $ would be welcome). I have been blogging as a hobby for years & now can justify my habit (a little). Quiet kids – mommy is blogging!

* The May edition of Inside Northside is coming out next week. My freelance gig with them is a blast & I can’t wait to see my articles in writing for the first time in 12 since I published in a boring journal (yawn).

*Pelican Park is where I’ll be spending most my weekend. I am most impressed with this facility. It is where the local kids play sports (the Y is major haul) and they have the most beautiful fields. It is privately run and games run like clockwork (a first for us). #1 son will take the mound at 11:30 today – yay! Go Mets!

*My house is trashed- what is new?

* #2 son will be at Lake Harbor Middle School this morning. They are offering an incoming 4th grader morning filled activities for the kiddos. Parents get to leave after 20 minutes – yippee – I mean, I will miss him terribly this morning (hehe).

*coffee IV is slowly working

* I leave to go to the 2nd Milblog conference next Friday. DC here I come! For those of you unfamiliar with Milblog – Military + Blog= Milblog. Yes, I have another persona(but not in a mental deviant type of way). I will hopefully be able to visit soldiers at Walter Reid while there too. But don’t worry – I’ll fill you in.

* I spoke with Milena Merrill, the only other person I have spoken with at NOLA.com, besides Jon Donley. I can’t wait to meet her in person – another new friend – yay!

* It doesn’t get any better than this – I love Mandeville, Lewsiana (learning), my house, my family, my neighbors (a nice change), & am planting my family here and will actually be able to grow roots too!!! Now to get my parent to leave Boston & come here (wish me luck).

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  1. I Have been researching a relocation to Louisiana since my husband took a job in Norco last October. It didn’t take long to narrow my search down to Mandeville on the Northshore because of it’s school system, low crime, and beauty. I love your blog, and am more confident that Mandeville is the place for our family. You’ve added a lot of color to the statistics that we have been basing our move on, and am thrilled to read that you LOVE it so much where you live. I just returned to Florida from a trip to Mandeville, and think it is the most beautiful place to raise my family. Thanks Greta!

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