tn_coffeeiv.jpgI didn’t touch caffeine until I was 30 – seriously. No soda, no coffee and no tea! Somehow I survived 7 years of college – caffeine free! Then…. I had kids – need I say more? Now, every morning I insert my coffee IV to a fast drip or else…never mind you wouldn’t want to see the no coffee in the morning beast!

Next for an extra afternoon boost, I added a diet coke (sometimes 2, but usually 1) I don’t touch caffeine after 4:00 unless I need to stay up really late! The rest of the day is filled with water, milk, OJ and sometimes iced tea.

Now I have been “teaized.” Yes, yesterday at the Farmer’s Market in Mandeville, I fell in love with tea. I was conducting an interview with John Demers of Covington, owner of Demurs Fine Tea, for an Inside Northside interview. I tried the Mardi Gras sample (made from green, gold and purple flowers) and I was hooked! I guess it isn’t just about the caffeine…it is about so much more. I can’t wait to spin the story of how he started his company – it is stuff folktales are made of and stories Oprah would like to get her hands on! Guess you’ll just have to wait until the July/August issue to read it. I see the next phase of cool and funky tea shops being all the rage. Of course, with John’s tea and wireless – it would be perfect!

5 Replies to “Coffee, Tea & Me”

  1. Hi,
    I was reading your comments about John Demers fine teas and although you might not be a big fan of espresso and good coffees I was wondering if you would stop by our International Cafe in Mandeville for a tastingor la quick lunch?
    address is 839 heavens drive mandeville la 70471
    tel 792-0901
    PS:we are also a foreign language center

  2. Greta, what’s the story about Demurs Fine Tea? We always love to hear about business start-ups, especially those Oprah worthy! Thanks!

  3. Do you have any info on John Demers? He seems to have skipped town – a friend of mine placed an order with him during Mardi Gras, paid cash, and has no tea. His website is down and phone has been disconnected. I ran across this post when I was looking for some info on him.

  4. I know John Demers and he’s a waste of skin in my opinion. I won’t go into detail because believe me it’s long and involved however I do know his whereabouts as follows: 226 W. 22nd Avenue, Covington 70433; 985-869-9990

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