Our bestest friends from Oklahoma are in town for a Saturday through Tuesday visit. Saturday they arrived and I had a poolside spread of crawfish & baked bries that I bought at the Mandeville Farmer’s Market & a spinach pie and doberge cake from the Mandeville bakery. I had Abita beer of all flavors on ice and we were good to go in the swimming pool for the afternoon. The men needed a “real dinner.” What is it with men and their stomachs? Dang – I was good with the brie and beer for nourishment. Where do we go to eat that is a good variety of local flavor and popular, family friendly and not too fancy?

We headed to Acme Oyster House in Covington (for the first time). I never complain about restaurants – really. I may not come back, but I don’t complain unless my order is really screwed up! Hubby and our guests enjoyed the grilled Oysters (dang allergy for me). Everyone placed orders to the all too busy and scatterbrained waitress. I got the catfish po-boy and…stale bread, tasteless catfish, tiny and about $9. Yuck phooey! Sorry ACME – unless the roadrunner is making a guest appearance there, we won’t be back.

Then Sunday we headed to the French Quarter – both families and 5 kids. First on the trip, everyone’s stomachs…again with men and eating! We walked by “Pierre Masperos” and hubby remembered someone recommending it. I asked the waiter if he would accomodate kids with an unwritten kids menu and if he thought we were better off somewhere else. He said, “welcome” and pulled 3 tables together for us immediately. The food was great and son #2 was treated to a fabulous dessert by the waiter when he heard it was his birthday. We had a great time… then everyone had to go potty! If i had to go before my meal, I would have lost my appetite. I camp, I’m not a bathroom prude, but come on folks, are you trying to win the “Grossest, most disgusting, dirtiest floor, never wiped down bathroom in the Quarter contest? If it costs 5 people $60 dollars for lunch – CLEAN THE BATHROOM!!!!

We walked the streets afterwards and the 2 1/2 year old was getting mighty tired and they didn’t bring a stroller – UGH! They wanted to check out all the “non-kid” friendly shops while the girls complained about the smell (alive & well on Bourbon Street). I thought it best if we head to Jackson Square to sit and watch some street performers. By then the toddler was maxed out. I suggested I leave them in the French Quarter, they get a cab to the Causeway and I’d pick them up later that night. They decided to stay in the Quarter over night instead (my suggestion in the first place). Oh well, they are having fun New Orleans style & I have to face a day with a toddler – I love her, but this is great birth control for me (snicker).
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  1. Hi Greta. Here some kid friendly resonably priced places to eat that I compiled from the MOMS Club. Hope this helps! I personally really like the Greek restaurant on 190 just before Big Lots…don’t know the name but the food is great and atmosphere is beautiful.

    There’s a new Thai Restaurant on 190 in Covington – a bit north of
    Walmart on the right hand side (not in a strip mall) that was really
    good – wish I could remember the name. Thai Pot in downtown Covington
    is also yummy. The moms club ate once at The Vineyard on Columbia St.
    in downtown covington, and that was yummy. My husband just ate at a
    new place that’s right where 190 merges with the causeway approach to
    become Florida St… It’s frech cajun cuisine and he said it was
    really good. If you like Chinese Sesame Inn which is on the right
    hand side just before you get on the causeway is also good.

    We just ate there last night- it’s called Thai Chili and it is
    excellent. The people (appear to be husband and wife) that run it are
    so accomodating and welcoming. The food was excellent and the kids
    loved one of the rice noodle dishes. You can order the food at
    different levels of spicyness, too, which was nice. I liked the “hot.”
    The kids did fine with “medium” (but my kids also love to eat raw
    onions and salsa straight up.) I highly recommend this place, and it
    wasn’t busy at all, which I find very nice. As you drive up to
    Covington it is just past the St. Tammany News building (which is just
    past Chick Fil A) in a little strip mall.

    Petunia’s, and I would second that for
    yummy food in a casual atmosphere…great po boys, jambalaya, etc…
    AND they have coloring pages and stickers and such out for the kids.
    Very kid friendly. Everytime my parents visit they have to go there
    for a BBQ Po Boy.

    We also like Casa Garcia for Mexican food. at the base of West
    Causeway Approach in the strip mall with Prudential Gardner (although
    as a former resident of California being served Mexican food by someone
    with blond hair kinda weirds me out, the food is pretty tasty. Highly
    recommend the turkey fajitas, and the burritos. Abby loves the bean

    I vote for DeAngelo’s. It is a great place to go on
    Friday or Saturday nights because it isn’t loud and
    crowded. We can always get a table, it has a nice
    varied menu and is reasonably priced.

    Triple Nickel Grill on Florida have yummy hamburgers with sweet potatoe fries. I
    also like Petunia’s on Hwy 59

    Abita Brew Pub – It is appropriate for kids too.

  2. Yeah, I would definitely recommend DeAngelo’s. It’s really good for just about everyone. Kids usually love it, the food’s awesome, and it’s not too expensive. I actually worked at a Baton Rouge location some time back. I didn’t realize there was a Mandeville location now! You should certainly try it. I’d recommend the Isabella salad, garlic mozzarella bread, fried calamari, a calzone, and the tiramisu. Those are the best in my opinion. The sensation salad’s good, too.

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