During the AI finals last night, I caught the trailer for the new FOX show called “K-ville.” Yep, you guessed it, (at least I think so) a post-Katrina cop and his family return to the place they left. Here is a little juicy gossip about the show.

This show could really help the city if it portrays it in a positive light. But, if it still shows the messes and crime problem to represent even the partial truth – people would turn their nose up at NOLA. It will certainly attract some star quality to the local area and provide jobs and income to NOLA. Meanwhile, BIG KUDOS to NOLA Convention and Travel for its’ newest campaign!!! You can even go view the commercials.
(c/p NOLA.com)

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  1. K-Ville actually had to be approved by the NOPD, and its creators said that they’ve made sure to balance NOLA’s post-K needs with its more attractive aspects. And hopefully they’ve gotten the accent right 😉

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