(pictures by Daniel Rhodes & available at The Crabnet website)
The Crabnet is a most intriguing shop right along Decateur Street. I was shopping there with my mom and went in because I know they carry the pendant you see advertised on my sidebar (hint hint – buy one today). I was desperate to buy a REAL piece of local art & freelance writing & organizing homes doesn’t pay enough to score a real live painting with actual texture on it…maybe someday. Back to the Crabnet, they have some really cool stuff that is local in flavor and not tacky (if ya know what I mean with many of those stores along that street). They have giant fishing lures hanging from the ceiling that are way cool – but where would I put one?

This is the place I bought my first local print. A print by Daniel Rhodes with a coffee pot with 2 crawfish coming out of it. I went to Michaels & got some custom orange matting and a big black frame. It makes me smile every time I sit down to drink my coffee & blog at the kitchen table each morning. Hoping hubby will go buy me some more prints (BIG HINT).

Anyhoo, back to Daniel Rhodes, the artist. The owners of The Crabnet (Doug & Rita Lambert) told me they were good friends with him. I asked if they could have him contact me regarding using his artwork on my blog header. Daniel called me twice today. The first call was an almost definite no & the second a possibility. Let’s see if I can work my design magic with my web design partner Tammy and show Captain (yes he is an off-shore captain) Rhodes what a classy internet header with his work will look like!

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