Thought I’d introduce you to another artist whose work I really enjoy. His name is Matt Rinard (no- I never met him) and his gallery can be found at 738 Royal Street. I can go in there and laugh for hours – my kids can too. After seeing the picture on the top, I am positive that he knows my cat Goldie and has seen her terrorize my fat dog Chulo!
(c/p at NOLA.com)

2 Replies to “Matt Rinard knows my cat Goldie!”

  1. Poor Chulo. He does need a diet desperately. Soon he will just be rolling around instead of walking. He will be a much easier target for Goldie. Goldie really does run the house, not you. Sorry Greta, but it is true. If there was a storm, who would hubby & the kids go to save – you or Goldie? You do not need to reply. Just think about it & take care of my 1st grandkitten.
    Love, Mom

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