Father’s Day finally came and I could finally unveil the painting I had purchased hubby over a month ago (hiding in a closet). I met Mr. Goodwyne when I stopped in to visit the Inside Northside office. He will be the featured artist for the July/August issue and he had some of his work with him. We were all ooohhhhhing and ahhhhhing at the unique work he does on original navigational maps. He paints lighthouses and boats on the maps using a hair dryer as he goes along. This process is time consuming and the results are phenomenal! Another gal thought her son would like one and I said – my husband would love one. He was talking about the maps he currently had that were yet to be painted. Well, he started talking about a map of the Boston/Cape Cod/East Coast area coast and “ding ding ding” I had to have it!!!! Hubby and I grew up in the Boston area and we both share a love of the ocean, boating and fishing. Mr. Goodwyne called me about a week later as he had finished the painting – so I drove out to his house in Bush and was greeted by a proud artist and his wonderful bride. He even framed it in a driftwood frame for me. If you want to get in touch with him – let me know. As for the picture below – well let’s just say – I am sorry I am not a great photographer!