Yesterday, I was having a wonderful conversation with a born & raised local dad from my son’s baseball team. He was asking where we had lived, grew up, gone to college and how we ended up here.
* When I told him we had lived all over the US and knew we would end up in the South – he understood that.
* When I told him this is paradise for a civil engineer – he understood that.
* When I told him that we didn’t have any family connections here – I got a strange look.
* When I told him we thought this was a great place to raise children – he understood that.
* When I told him we could have lived anywhere and CHOSE to live here – I got the “are you smoking crack?” look!

Yep – and we love it! This is our forever home. All we need is some house updating done (know anyone?) & we are all set! Let’s put this in idiot terms – EVERY place has issues. There is no perfect place- there are some things that may make a place more desirable – but no place is perfect. I have enjoyed my time in so many “armpits” of the United States. This is not an armpit – it is paradise! Encourage and welcome newcomers who can become productive citizens and plant roots here! Send out the dang “Welcome Wagon” Louisiana!
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  1. Hey Greta – had to leave a note that I stopped by your new stomping grounds. Pretty darn slick lady. All these doodads are making my firewall popups go crazy. Got you added to my reader now. Sorry it took me so long!

  2. Greta,

    I just wanted to give you a shout out and some encouragement. Welcome to the great state of Louisiana… even better, SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA!! I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it.

    We have A LOT in common.. esp when it comes to supporting the troops. I have also made recent trips to D.C. (strictly to support the troops!) Have you ever heard of Gathering of Eagles? If not, take a second and visit this excellent group of patriots at

    You don’t know it yet, but you ARE an EAGLE!!

    On a side note… I can recommend several subcontractors of various trades… in fact, my husband is a plumbing contractor in the Covington, Mandeville and N.O. area. Anyway, if you ever need a referral just send me an email!

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