(I took this picture) I knew it had to be the magnolia. Yay Greta! I guess I should learn a few facts about my new home. The following info was from here:

In 1900, House Bill No. 280 was introduced to the Louisiana General Assembly proposing that the blossom of the magnolia be adopted as the state’s official state flower.

From George Earlie Shankle, we have the following:
Louisiana by legislative action, approved July 12, 1900, designated the magnolia [Magnolia foetida or Magnolia grandiflora] as the State flower. It was chosen probably because there is such an abundant growth of this tree throughout the State.

The flower of the magnolia tree was approved by the Louisiana General Assembly as the state flower of Louisiana on July 12, 1900. Though Act No. 156 of the Louisiana Legislature did not specify a variety of magnolia, Shankle identifies the intended species.

In 1941, the Mary Swords DeBaillon Louisiana Native Iris Society was formed by a group of Louisiana iris enthusiasts. In 1948, the group changed its name to the Society for Louisiana Irises. The Society, its membership having grown to about 185 members, proposed legislation in 1950 to replace the magnolia blossom with the Louisiana iris. In an effort to appease the magnolia supporters, legislation was also proposed to make the magnolia the official state tree.

The debate between the iris lovers and the magnolia supporters sometimes grew heated. The iris was referred to as a plant that grows in swamps and one magnolia supporter offered, “Lots of people already think that everyone in Louisiana lives in houses on stilts in swamplands and keeps an alligator as a watchdog.” Iris supporters contended that the Louisiana iris can be grown everywhere and that the magnolia, grown throughout the south, is not unique to Louisiana. (Mississippi hadn’t yet adopted the magnolia blossom as their official flower. This was to come two years later in 1952.)

The iris lovers were not to prevail however and the beautiful magnolia blossom remains Louisiana’s state flower to this day. So it’s been for over 100 years.

It should be noted that the Louisiana iris was adopted as the state’s wildflower in 1990.

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  1. I absolutely love magnolias. They were my father’s favorite flower. I recently just planted a variety of magnolia that will actually live up here and it’s actually thriving. 🙂

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