Thank you to all the readers who have stumbled upon my blog/blogs, Hooah Wife readers who are coming here to visit,
and those who are reading for fear that they might be highlighted in an unfavorable light (lol). Now that I’ve got you my pretties, let’s go over the blog rules of engagements:
1. Visit often – daily if you can!
2. Go ahead and sign up in the left hand corner to get my new posts delivered to your in-box each day (for the most part).
3. Tell all your friends – like the old Faberge’ Organics commercial – (I searched for the video on the web -it doesn’t exist): and they told 2 friends and they told 2 friends and so on and so on and so on….. I need more readers mwuahahahahaha!!!
4. Talk to me!!! Each post has a section to comment under it – that is the fun of blogging – reading and interacting with the writer!
5. Know that I don’t get paid to blog about anything- I blog about it because I want to. I do make a few extra bucks from the ads on the sidebar. So, if you know anyone who wants to run an ad (hint hint – realtors, local Northshore & NOLA businesses) let me know. I also make a little money for cross/posting everything at NOLA.com – so feel free to go there and click on my blog too!

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