It was our very first visit to the Louisiana Children’s Museum. As usual the day was filled with mishapsadventures.
1. Getting out the door – fighting kids!
2. Following directions your friend says are better than your mapquest print out. Let’s just say I took the scenic route and saw East Orleans Parish for the first time. What a depressing mess – gosh! You can’t follow I-10 to the Tchoupitoulas exit – it doesn’t happen!
3. Parking in front of the museum – cool – meters are open. But dang – these “smart meters” aren’t smart enough to take 3 of my credit cards!!! Dig for change and we are good for 2 hours. Mental note to get more change for lunch time!
4. Pay for the full membership or pay the day fee??? That is almost as difficult as paper or plastic. Then there was door #3 – pay for the museum – see if you want to be a member – then pay the difference if you still want to join. Yay.
5. We had soooooo much fun (yes me too). My daughter loved the grocery store & the cafe’, the boys loved anything that involved touching, building and exploring. After 2 hours – we were members!
6. Next stop eating….the museum had a list of restaurants and we headed towards Tucker’s Bar and Grill on 869 Magazine Street. I split a catfish basket & sweet potato fries with middle child. The other 2 split a bacon burger and cheese fries. We had leftovers (wow). The kids liked being in a true bar with a pool table, dart boards (no darts), and a couple of video games. I resisted the beer temptation!
7. Kids slept all the way home and I spoke to Kaare Johnson on the radio again (pathetic me-yes solving all NOLA’s problems with 1 call hehehe).
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