I am proud to share with y’all that Angie’s List is here and Craigslist is going ahead at full-speed! As for the Northshore – it is considered New Orleans in both these lists. A little Greta tutorial:

Craigslist: is 100% free and run by a guy named Craig (really – he has e-mailed me) from San Francisco. He thought it was a good service to the US to run a free internet classifieds, since he already made his fortune. You can buy, sell, give away, seek employment, find help, find a relationship- whatever. And to tell you the truth – it is the only form of advertising I have used for my organizing business and I am doing very well! For a good laugh – check out the “best of Craigslist.” It is also how I found my freelance writing job for Inside Northside magazine!

Angie’s List: is 100% free consumer-run rating reports of services rendered. Most people in the rest of the country won’t hire anyone unless they have seen them on Angie’s list. There are over 250 service categories ranging from plumbers to hairdressers. So jump in NOLA and start rating the good and the bad service you have had within the past 12 months!
(c/p at NOLA.com)

4 Replies to “Angie’s List rocks NOLA”

  1. You really should have linked to the local sites, rather than just the national one, and particularly the first link you have a typo and have http://carigslist.org/ which is NOT where yoiu want to be. Pc-cillin gave me three warnings it was a bad website

  2. Amy’s List – All jobs are on a volunteer basis

    1. Need person willing to figure out the origin of my dog’s bad breath and cure it!
    2. Attention Environmentalist!I am in search of a way to recycle all the dog hair floating around my hardwood floors?
    3. Do you do floors, stoves and dusting for free? Call me! No experience necessary.
    4. In search of loving, gentle and very convincing person to explain to my daughter that talking to me non-stop while I am on the phone is really getting on mommy’s nerves.

  3. 1. I have dog breath chews that my dog spits out. You ae welcome to the rest of the pack.
    2. Dog & cat hair a’plenty here. Let’s create a huge sculpture and charge money for all to see!
    3. You mean the cleaning fairy doesn’t come to your house?
    4. Duct tape!

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