Back in college, I had to sign up for one of those “mandatory/voluntary” psychology experiments. You know, the one where you had to do some useless study that some other college kid had to perform that would solve all questions about how strange college students were (big run-on sentence). To make a long story longer…I got “experimented” on in the waiting room (Punk’d as we call it now). Little Greta sat patiently waiting to get tested on, and as usual, started talking to the other gal in the waiting area (I could talk to a rock). She told me some pathetic sob story, and in less than 5 minutes, I offered her my telephone number and a shoulder to lean on. I can only say, that I was less than pleased, when I discovered that “she” was the experiment. Yes, I have a history of getting roped into everyone’s drama and often getting taken advantage of, but I am older and wiser now (*choke*spit* gag*).

By now you are asking yourself, why you should care that Greta showed empathy to another human in 1988 in Orono, Maine? Well, you really shouldn’t care, but I am sharing a passion that I have always had burning inside me (and it doesn’t involve spending money on E-Bay- really honey), it involves helping others in even the smallest way possible. Now please don’t stop reading here, it is 4:00 AM and I had the urge to get this post down – so humor me by reading (and commenting). I am not talking about moving mountains (and I certainly don’t see any in the distant scenery of LA), but nudging the “proverbial mountain” and doing my share to “pay it forward.”

Trust me, this blog doesn’t feed or clothe my children, or worse, even pay my monthly “chick maintenance.” I have been getting up every day or staying up at night, for 6 months now, to make a tiny difference in New Orleans, in Mandeville, in the State of Louisiana. I have been writing about all the positive experiences I have encountered along the way, good food I have enjoyed yada yada yada. Most people couldn’t pick me out of a police line-up as I usually look like a mom that has been up since 4:00 writing and tending to 3 kids full-time in the summer (not a pretty sight). I experience “whatever” and share it publicly on my blogs. Usually I tell the owner or manager on the way out or even call an artists at home to tell them they will be featured in writing. My readership is gaining momentum slowly (not as contagious as TB… yet). But, when someone Googles something that I have written about, I usually come up on the front search page. Yay!!!

Where the heck am I going with all this babble? Well…you will have to wait for the next installment to find out (as big a cliff-hanger as who shot JR). Back to bed for a couple of hours of zzzzzz’s.
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2 Replies to “Nudging Mountains in Louisiana (part 1)”

  1. Well I know that you’re certainly one of the friendliest and empathetic people I’ve ever encountered (online or in Real Life). I don’t where you’re going with this but I certainly hope that it’s somewhere great for you!

  2. Yeah, I’m anxiously awaiting on the rest of the story, and know it will be great! I love your insights and humor, and I also love the way you have helped us in so many creative ways in our business. Where there seems to be no way, you will see it through! I can’t thank you enough.


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