Last I left you…you were staring at your computer monitor (and here you are again – predictability is good).

You were saying to yourself, “forget soap operas, Kiss my Gumbo” is much more entertaining. I have to read KMG to see how Greta is going to move the “proverbial Louisiana mountains.” Not so fast…I can’t reveal all my secrets…yet. But I will leave you hanging on for another day or so while I get my plan for world domination how to entertain 3 kids tomorrow (hint – blueberry season) in order. Seriously, (bwahahaha) I really have a plan and I think all the stars may soon be aligned properly and the temperature of my Abita beer will be perfect for the unveiling. It is a plan to help Louisiana give back, pay it forward and for all the world to see the kind of people that live here. People with good hearts, empathy for one another, people that would share their last Abita beer with you (Abita – are you ignoring the letter I sent you offering you free advertising in exchange for free beer?), love their Country and aren’t always looking for handouts like the media portrays everyone here (not too positive). This will be the best PR this state could ever buy and it won’t cost a dime, well maybe a little, but out of love, not greed or need.

Stop the presses NOLA, spread the word that something good is coming to town and it will make a positive impact on you, your families, your friends (you get the picture). We (I am a registered voter now so I can say we – right?) will be known as “the pay it forward state.” Mr. Mayor, Ms. Governor, take all your gazillion bazillion dollars in mismanaged funds and aid and watch what ordinary citizens can do when they put their hearts and minds to it.

“Louisiana … the pay it forward state.” Stay tuned….
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  1. I sorta know what you are going to reveal but I have to tell you that was one inspiring post! Sign me up baby! I am all about paying if forward!

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