I try and keep my political opinions off this blog – because beeelieve me & you …..I have them. A few thoughts from an honest, hard working mom and wife with integrity and honesty to a fault:

Put women in charge of everything in LA – from mayor to Congress. Not career politicians or “show me the money” people. I am talking about middle America moms who balance a budget, manage carpools, clean toilets, mow the lawn and don’t have the time, energy of desire to venture into extra-marital affairs! Heck, better yet – military wives. We’d kick butt and whip this state into shape. If we can mange a food budget and getting 3 kids to 3 different practices at the same time and being totally independent – we could do a better job than most. And we’d draw a paycheck too.


3 Replies to “Politics shmolitics”

  1. This is absolutely perfect!!! I’m right there with ya’ girl!

    PS: You sounded AWESOME on 99.5 today!

  2. The show yesterday was super! I am so glad I caught it driving home from work.
    The mother and son show airing tonight – I would like to have the web site. It was talked about but not given out. That lady was a great guest. Andre, I used to run into you at Langenstein’s Refreshment store – do you still live uptown? Still own my home on Arabella but live now in Poplarville, MS. That does not mean I do not care what happens in our great city. Your show will help me stay involved.
    I will listen to your show as often as I can as I believe you eventually will get the “girls” to call in too and give their opinions.

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