Ramon the pool boy with the good body, my maid and myself are heading off for a wonderful 12 hour ride in the mommy van tomorrow. Who am I kidding? I am all these people! Before you get that jealous look on you face about Greta’s fantabulous vacation – remember this: I will be driving with 3 children fighting over the air they breathe, the hand that crossed an invisible line and whatever they can possible fight over! Oh joy!

Honestly – Hubby will drive most the way and I will relax while the kids watch mindless DVDs! I will leave housework behind for a week, read books, play, drink and my mom will house and pet sit for us. I am sooo excited!!!! Rodent World here we come!!!!!!

As for my day – my feet haven’t touched the ground since my on-air debut with Andre’ Trevigne. I will be on again the 27th from 12-2 with her again and unless I mess up something majorly – they will continue to have me every week. Andre’ is “real” and her producer Amy Kirk is a treasure. No paycheck – but who is keeping track (quiet hubby). If you missed the show – you can get the podcast version on the link above!

Big hint – if you enjoyed hearing me on air – tell the station!!!

Louisiana is the land of opportunity!!! I love it here!!!! Screw the Vitter stuff (pun intended) – Louisiana is a great place to live!!!
(c/p at NOLA.com – have finding it)

2 Replies to “The Pool Boy, The Maid & Me”

  1. I don’t doubt that the Pod cast will be up eventually, but it is not up now, is it? As I understand it the program was the 13th, and all that is there now is the 12th. My guess is it may be Monday before it is posted.

  2. Heard you loud and clear in El Paso!!! Did not get to hear the whole hour, had to go to lunch with the office personnel, oh well!!! I’m so so so so proud of you, you rock!!

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