*Only sell a certain amount of tickets a day – a sea of sweaty people is never a crowd pleaser. I even saw a lady fight today over someone accidentally stepping on her toe.
* increase the number of water fountains/bubblers
* really study and calculate the waiting time for each ride! I found the ones at Animal Kingdom 100% inaccurate!
* Invest in more misters all over the various parks. Florida + sun + summer = d’uh – it is hot!
* Invest in more shade canopies. If you have to wait in line – at least it should be shaded and not in the boiling sun!
* continue to distribute fast passes throughout the day – somehow – or upgrade the system
* provide beer, margaritas and little umbrella drinks, free of charge in lines over a half-hour!
* create a time-out hut in various locations for whiny children while providing their parents with cocktails!!!
Anyhoo – we are having a great time. I could have passed on Animal Kingdom. It was way too crowded and hot! Tomorrow I have mapped out an entire strategy for MGM!