I know we have the Fleur-de-lis Ambassadors in New Orleans. Now picture this – a chatty lady waiting for the stinkin’ Dumbo ride for a half-hour. She chats about Louisiana and New Orleans and how wonderful it is. A woman said she went there last year with her kids and fell in love with it! She didn’t think Mardi Gras was appropriate for children- as most people, including myself thought. When I tell her my kids went to 11 parades this year – she was planning on going home to book vacation plans for next Mardi Gras.

Think about it – we bitch, complain yada yada yada about this & that. The truth is – aside for our current political scars and all the negative PR – LOUISIANA AND NEW ORLEANS are FANTASTIC!!! Now I need to somehow work out some formula where I get $1 for each positive thing I say about Louisiana – I’d be rich!!!!

I guess if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything and if something bothers you so much – problem solve and work to fix it! My 2 cents for what it is worth!

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  1. Attention NOLA Mardi Gras visitors!;
    All of you here for the wacky, crazy, out of control Mardi Gras that everyone in the world is familiar with please proceed to Bourbon Street. All of you here for a family friendly week of parades exit to the left!

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