Since Ramon the Pool Boy has proved himself to be totally unreliable (ya know I am making Ramon up – right?), I have to turn to a Pool Store for advice. Greg Thompson is my pool guy. He doesn’t come out to the house (but I know he would or send someone from his store), but knows everything there is to know about my pool! He owns the Pool Store on 68467 Hwy 59 in Mandeville. He is a great guy and the previous owners of our house raved about him. So if your Polaris needs some doctoring and your pool resembles “pea soup” – Greg can help. Yikes, I spent $600 on chemicals and a a rebuilt polaris (that Greg fixed in a day) to get the pool situated while my mom is staying at my house! That wasn’t in the vacation budget – Argh!

One Reply to “Pool fed $600-now happy!”

  1. Greg is the pool guy I use as well. He is super nice and will not sell you stuff you dont need. If there is a cheaper way to fix it he will tell you about it. He is also very knowledgeable about pools, thats more than I can say about most of the other stores I went to before I found him.

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