We had a blast on our Disney vacation – they don’t miss a beat and it is all about pleasing the customers (take note rest of world). Even if a cast or crew member was having a cruddy day – you would never know it. Unlike the miserable drones you often find working just to get a paycheck – these workers meet the Disney standard and smile and are friendly! The highlight of our trip may have been the day at Castaway Cay, the island owned by Disney. I could have stayed on that beach for a week! We have all been permanently brainwashed and will forever bow down to the mighty rodent. If Mickey were running for office right now – I’d probably vote for him.

Anyone want to give me NOLA news Cliffnotes?

2 Replies to “Vacation over-back to reality”

  1. Welcome back! I missed “reading” you while you were cruising. Here are my cliffnotes: I am jealous of your vacation 😉 The weather has been tolerable and not raining the last few days. It is monday and I am back to the daily grind.

    Did you miss ole’ NOLA?

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