I tell you, whatever vacation you go on – you pay for it for along time after…. and I ain’t just talking about the bar bill from my Disney cruise! Laundry and unpacking and pretty much anything that involves me being a domestic goddess – are things I never miss. And somehow-they wait for me at my house-patiently – crying “Greta, please tend to us.” Ramon the pool boy, the maid & the laundry fairy have all been on vacation too. Now I have to pick up the pace to make up for their slacking! Here is a list of things filling my plate:
* buying school supplies – which will mean a trip to the hell that is also called Wal-Mart
* losing the 5 pounds that were forced on me through the vacation via food and beer!
* Soldiers Angels work – picking up the pace even faster. We must continue our troop support!!!
* articles for Inside Northside – I have 3 hanging over my head now – ugh!
* world domination – that will have to wait for now
* dust!!!!
* dentist appointments for all
* feeding the washer and dryer (they could starve to death for all I care)
* cleaning up the lovely weed garden
* increasing readership for this blog
* finishing up the LLC work for This Mess is a House – more paperwork & inspection to go – yippee!!!
* signing kids up for Fall sports
* world domination – oh ya – on the back burner for now

Now talk to me readers – what is on your plate???

2 Replies to “plate almost full & 2 more weeks until school”

  1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I am going to help you with that world domination task. I am starting tomorrow morning after I get the kids breakfast. I’ll call you when I get it done and you can check it off your list!

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