I was speaking to Andre’ Trevigne on air at 99.5 FM today. I called her to ask how much she costs. For those in a bubble – I am referring to Tucker Carlson’s comment about women in New Orleans. Here is the phrase I am coining – right here publicly. So if you want to make some $ off this – let me know (985)807-4805.

“TUCKER CAN”T AFFORD ME $$$” (of course it would have a goofy bow-tie on the shirt too)

3 Replies to “Attention t-shirt makers”

  1. This is what i am always preaching! People outside of our world have one idea about New Orleans and it so off! I say we send ole’ Tucker and his tie an official invite to come down here and hang out with some REAL Nola women. Are you in Greta? Andre? Anyone else?

  2. Right. He could probably use a pedicure anyway. Once we rope him in, we can squeeze a nice lunch at one of Emeril’s places out of him . . .

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