I am up with a case of insomnia. Not really insomnia, but the dog was crying for a potty break and I am the one he can get up in the middle of the night. Then I realized I was hungry and fixed myself a snack, checked my e-mail and now am on the puter. Ugh! Dang dog! So I did myself the disservice of reading the news on-line.

Crime, murder, more death, killing people, killing a city. This rash of murders is unacceptable. Time for the local leadership to get some cajones and the victims families to speak up publicly for public service announcements! NOW!!!! Drugs, no respect for other human lives, no respect for their own life, lack of direction & the breakdown of the family are universal problems across the nation. These victims and those who committed the crimes have mothers or someone who loved them dearly. These people are part of the New Orleans problem and can help save their own city. I dare each local TV and radio station to take this project on. Put on the faces of the mothers, sisters, best friends and show the world we are trying to save ourselves. Run local campaigns and put faces to the killings with stories behind them!

These crimes will be the deciding factor that will put the nail on the coffin for the city – only if we allow it. All the good PR in the world can’t erase murder statistics. Time to take back the city, tighten the justice system, change the image of the law enforcement (a task way too big for this camper) and get the victims’ families involved – both sides – the perpetrators and the victims!!!!

There are so many things we want this city known for – high murder and crime statistics is not one of them! Time to shake up some leaders and have everyone put on their “colorblind” glasses and get busy! Each murder or crime in the city does have an impact on you, the economy, tourism, an image. Random, planned or drug and turf related – ALL MAKE THIS CITY UNDESIRABLE!!!!

Stop making excuses, pointing fingers and blaming. No, there is no excuse for the excessive force used in a recent case and I am as disgusted as the next should be. The leadership needs to show the people they care what happened. We can’t let a few bad seeds spoil the fruit of a great city!