This letter was sent to me by my good friend in Canada. It appeared in the Calgary Sun Letters Section today:

A total of 52 murders occurred in Toronto this year and it’s only July! The victims included innocent women and children. Before the year is over, the number will undoubtedly pass 66 — the same number as Canadian soldiers who have died in Afghanistan. It is time for Canadians to come to grips with the fact Toronto is a dangerous quagmire. It’s a lost cause, and must be abandoned immediately. There is no chance for the city to be victorious in this battle. I am sure Taliban Jack Layton would agree with my call: “Withdraw from Toronto now before further Canadians are killed in a war that obviously cannot be won.”

Can you replace Toronto with NOLA and the murder numbers with our numbers? Sure you can. You also could replace the name of the city and homicide numbers with any major city in the US! Is New Orleans as dangerous as Toronto, Afghanistan or Iraq?
images-6.jpgPlease remember that the soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now aren’t waving their white flags and neither should you (yes I am talking to you). Instead, they are fighting harder to carry out their mission. Is the problem that NOLA doesn’t have a mission, a leader or troops willing to serve their country, their state? You tell me, are you giving up and abandoning the city known publicly as a quagmire or are you ready to fix it?

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