This post is in memory of our cat Goldie April 1994 – August 2007

Goldie was “everyone’s cat” and was as close to human as a cat could be. Nobody ever stepped foot in this house without having met Goldie. She had her own seat at the dinner table, spot on the couch and can be seen in every home video!. She was also very much the Alpha animal and put the dog and all the other cats in their place. We enjoyed watching the pecking order at the food dish – nobody would dare eat before “The Big Meow.” Is she wanted you to pet her – she would sit just out of your arm’s reach in order to make you move. She trained us all to turn the faucet water on for her with a meow.

It has been a little over 24 hours since her passing and I can already see an amazing change in the animal dynamics in the house. The dog seems a little depressed even though he would be all smiley and hyper and Goldie would not hesitate to swat him across the faces and say STFU you annoying and disgusting animal! The cats that didn’t approach the bed when she was on it – are now moving into her spots. She was like the Godkitty and the others came and kissed her ring each day. She was a leader, but I can bet you she wouldn’t have taken a truckload of Science Diet for personal favors.

As I watch the dynamics change in this house, with the leader gone, I wonder how much this state will change after elections in October? This corruption thing is getting old – fast! Who will want to do business or give us money when we are so tarnished. Everyone should live their life each day thinking, “would God, my mother and my boss” approve of what am I doing?

If you hold a public office in this state and have done something questionable (there are also many good ones out there) for the sake of helping your fellow Louisianans – make up a bogus excuse and leave now! I would also like to suggest that the first order of business for our new Governor, is to offer a one week period for any public official to step down with immunity from prosecution. If they don’t step down and are found guilty of something afterwards – no mercy!!! This may prevent any more political embarrassments for this state. Goldie may have had power, but she preached ethics. MEOW!!!
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  1. Thanks Greta for dedicating a blog space to Goldie. She was my first grandkitten. She was the beginning of a string of adoptions of the cat family & in your case – the dog family. Unfortunately, Goldie in helping to “raise” Chulo from a pup created an identity issue. He retains many of the behavioral traits of a cat. Sorry Greta, but you know it’s true. He cleans himself thoroughly just like a cat & is inclined to enjoy cat food when he can get it. Goldie was more than just a cat. She should be an inspiration for anyone coping with difficulty, & that includes politicians. Goldie was 10 years post kidney transplant, the longest survivor we know of. Greta, you and the rest of the family including your dad & me when we visited, wherever you were, were well trained, with watches even set with alarms to make certain Goldie got her anti-rejection medicine on time twice a day. There were even calls from your hubby’s work & from Iraq & other places to check on Goldie. She was so beloved & made a difference in so many lives & was just a little cat, although with some big attitude. What a difference a politican with power to better the state of affairs in a locale could have if honest, willing & with heart being in the right place – not just in the “game” of politics for personal gain or possession of power. Greta, we can all learn from our Goldie, even politicians who after all are only human & might need real dedication someday from truly caring persons if they face personal adversity. Goldie had dedication & loyalty & enjoyed her life. Politicians could take a lesson from a unique kitty & her family. We will always love and miss her. What a goal for a politician – to be loved & missed, for anyone for that matter. All politicians can perform their tasks in either an ethical or unethical manner. They will be remembered for the manner in which they utilized their power. Take a lesson from Goldie – all politicians. We will always remember how she utilized her power. Thanks Greta & precious son-in-law & grandchildren for taking good care of my grandkitten. Love, Mom

  2. So sorry to hear about the passing of Miss Goldie. 🙁 She was such a neat cat – and that’s saying alot coming from a “cat lady” like myself. She was well loved and well taken care of and I don’t think she ever realized she was a cat and not a kid.

    A big hug from the Koz family to all of you. I know it’s an enormous loss in your house and in your hearts.

    On a lighter note – I wouldn’t worry about Chulo *too* much, unless he starts coughing up fur balls and burying his crap. If that happens, send him on a field trip up here to romp with my dogs for a few weeks. We’ll get him all straightened around. Of course, he’ll come back wearing clothes, sleeping in the beds, have his own spot on the couch and he’ll be eating people food…. oh….. wait….. nevermind – he already does all of that – he is after all, a Perrybrat. 😉

    Love ya friend. Cat

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