* Andre’s show was a blast today.You can listen to it live here. I claim ignorance with everything related to my Corps field trip. I certainly don’t want to be known as the “queen of misinformation.” I’ll be back on for “deja vu all over again” with Andre on September 7th at noon with Virginia & Uptown Angela too (single men – she is a catch).

* Eric Asher is a great guy and I was honored to be on air with him. Next time they have alcohol “sampling” I will be sitting in the parking lot – waiting for backwash!

If you are coming here because you heard me on air – please scroll down for all the exciting posts of the week. I have taken on Time magazine, the WaPo, and will soon be seeking world domination from this very blog – mwuhahaha! I hope you come back soon and if you look in the left hand column, you can sign up to have me in your inbox every day. Such a a bah-gahn – FREE!
Thought that title would get your attention. Like I am some celebrity or something LOL. Today I have 2 radio gigs and I couldn’t be more excited.

From 12:05 -1:00 I will be on the Andre’ Trevigne’s New Vieux show. 99.5 FM or live on the website.

At 1:45 I will be on the air with Eric Asher on WIST 690 AM.

I will of course, be plugging Soldiers’ Angels and spouting off my opinions! Because like we say in the Cotillion, everyone is entitled to our/my opinion!
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3 Replies to “Greta’s Friday Appearances”

  1. Hey Greta!
    Can you let us know like a day early when you will be on the radio? I didn’t know and missed you on air today. I’m sure it was a stellar performance – and I missed out! Boo-hoo….

  2. No worry – you can listen on demand by following the link. Mark Sept 7th at noon on your calendar. And thanks for reading!

  3. Hey Greta! How about coming up north to good old Massachusetts & the wonderful city of Boston. Not only is the Big Dig a disaster, but part of the Big Dig – the Leoard Zakim Bridge, only about a year old, is falling apart. Your dear old mom along with millions of others go over this bridge nearly weekly. It is beautiful, especially lit up at night, but the metal used was inferior, apparently. So, looks like one of these days, there will be people getting a look at that beauty as they crash into the water. Strange how when politicians & their friends, who we know never did any work on public building, never have to cough $ up for their mistakes or take responsibility. New Orleans needs fixing up & a make over. Perhaps we can let our politicians help out those southern pols. We don’t even seem to get outraged or upset when we hear the latest here. That is truly sad. But, it is important,very much so, to have worker bees who are outraged & express it, knowing the status quo does not have to remain as is.

    Glad you are who you are – so positive- so ready & willing to work for the betterment of society in any way you can.
    Love, Mom

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