* welcome LaFete News readers and if you don’t know what the heck I am talking about – click because my Absolut New Orleans & V8 colada splash “Mandeville Medley” drink set the bar (pun intended) real high. I can’t wait to see what drinks and names others come up with! Thanks Frank for the linky love (he said he would mention me in his Wed. flyer – hint) – lord knows I need it! (this is where you click the left sidebar and register for free Kiss My Gumbo in your box each day – what a bahgin= bargain – that was my Boston accent coming out in writing)
* I scored some Webkinz animals and charm necklace today at Playville. Still didn’t score the koala yet for myself er…I mean my daughter
* About Face in Mandeville is booming with business and I refreshed my Bare Minerals supply there
* visited Michaels & TJ Maxx today for quick and direct shopping – stick to the list Greta & I must say I did pretty well (#1 son got socks)!
* bought Abita Pecan Harvest Ale today- now trying it for the first time and….yum (will this make me nuttier?)!!!!
* for the first time ever – I saw pictures of my daughter before 16 months (when we got her as a foster child). Her birth family was nice enough to send them on as she needed one for a class project
* I didn’t achieve world domination today – too much laundry & gardening in the sweltering sauna (maybe lost a pound or 2), but there is always tomorrow
* I love Rouse’s – get my sushi & groceries and home in a jiffy (before it spoils from the heat – 2 miles and it is still OK LOL)
* walked into PAC for the first time ever to sign my son up for the seasonal swim team – maybe when I make a little more cash – I can justify a membership! Gotta get rid of the Abita flab
* stopped into Premier Dry Cleaners today and got a smile from Cindy at the counter – she is a doll. Tell her Greta sent you. They are upping their prices from $1.89 a garment to $1.99 -on Sept 1- well worth it – they do an awesome job!
* Ramon the pool boy & the maid are really ticking me off these days – I think they are having a fling and can’t seem to get the work done (yes – I am dreaming that they even exist)
* make me an ad offer I can’t refuse – barter is a wonderful thing too – did I mention I am available for organizing your home and freelance writing too? 11 years as a SAHM (stay at home mom) – it is about time I put all that college edumacation to good use and actually make some $ because I sure don’t mind spending it:)
* went into Lighting Inc today and poked around. I thought the prices were very reasonable. Dang – lighting is so expensive!
* gotta finish up my beer and get some shut-eye as tomorrow I will strive again to achieve world domination or at least catch up with my laundry!
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  1. Hi Greta(almost typed Great which is what I think about this post.) I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but still reading your blog weekly. This one is fun and light to read and gives me ideas to do around town. Have you been to the Jukebox Diner in Mandeville? Just went last night for my b-day and it was so much fun! Also, what are they creating on Hwy 190 near Greenleaves? Looks like a beautiful shopping center. Do you know the shops going in? Do you have a say in that? 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts and positive attitude. I love it!!

  2. Mena- thanks for visiting. Near Greenleaves is apartments going in- bummer. Jukebox Diner is on my list of things to do.

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