Like I’ve said before, if I had a dime for every time I hear the word “Katrina,” I’d be a mighty rich woman. Then again, if I played the Katrina drinking game – I’d be comatose! Beer dude where are you??? Maybe he will be hanging out with all the “look America I am a politician and/or public figure and am actually standing in New Orleans” and ….”oh ya, showing the world I am someone and ….getting some PR and…looking like a give a darn.” Puhleeze – you are not doing anything positive by coming here and blessing us with your presence for one day – unless you tell the world how great it is and that New Orleans is open for business. So you best do that or else I’ll sic beer dude on you!
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I wasn’t here before Katrina – but I am here now – and here to stay and make a difference. Isn’t that all that counts? I have written every day for 7 months now about how much I love my new home. Get yer positive PR here!

What are you doing to celebrate or mark the anniversary of Katrina? This is where you chime in and comment folks!!!
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  1. right here in d’ville with you. I painted a bedroom ceiling and listened to WWL callers explain why we stay. Nice blog. I see Beth reads you; I’m in good company!
    True Andre story: I was in the loo at the Plimsol Club one Christmas time party a few years ago and heard a very familiar voice in the next stall…..waited and out came who I thought was Andre. She was a guest speaker at aa party in the next room (said it was dull so I invited her to come over to ours) She second-lined into the room and then ours really started to rock out. Nice lady. I always wondered why she left the airwaves after that year and where she landed….All the best to you here in Mandeville.

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