***The article I wrote about Soldiers’ Angels is in the current edition of Inside Northside
*** Thursday 6th look for the article about Soldier’s Angels in the Mandeville Times Picayune
*** Friday 7th 10:30 me on the Jim Brown show talking about Soldiers’ Angels 99.5 FM
*** Friday 7th at 12:00 I will be on with Andre Trevigne for the New Vieux 99.5 FM
*** Saturday 8th the whole fam damily (come join us) will go to Baton Rouge to participate in the America Supports You Freedom Walk at the USS KIDD.

Originally created in 2005 to commemorate the attack on the Pentagon and honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001, the Freedom Walk has grown into a nationwide event. This is Baton Rouge’s first-ever Freedom Walk and it has been scheduled on a weekend to allow for the greatest amount of participation. The starting point for the walk will be at the USS KIDD Veterans Memorial. The route will start at the USS KIDD Veterans Memorial and will proceed northward along the Riverwalk for ½ mile before returning to the KIDD for a total distance of one (1) mile.

To register for the Walk, contact Ms. Dani Lamana via phone at 225-291-7963 or 225-772-0633 or via email. Registration ends on Sunday,TODAY September 02, at midnight. T-shirts are free with pre-registration or are $5.00 on the day of the walk.

The Freedom Walk begins at 8:30 a.m. Come down to the Riverfront and show your support for our veterans and remember the victims of September 11th.

* my oldest son went paintballing (is that a word?) for the first time yesterday. Needless to say – he is hooked & so is my really old child (hubby). Paintball Command in Mandeville gets my highest praises: safety, clean, well run ad won’t break the bank. Too bad #2 son is too young – you are supposed to be 10. He wanted us to lie about his age – what kind of parents would we be if we did that? Well certainly not that kind – next year #2.
* My front yard flooded for about 20 minutes yesterday and then it was gone – strange.
* #1 and hubby are going red-fishing somewhere in South Louisiana today & tomorrow
* Why did I get suckered into Facebook? I think I like it better than Myspace – which I have neglected badly!
* The chili cook-off that a bunch of Louisiana Angels with Soldiers’ Angels helped sponsor – will take place this Labor Day in Afghanistan. A huge morale booster as they had 2 heroes fall this week.
* Is it too late for me to run for governor? I’d run on the Libertarian party ticket.
* Shout out to Jan in Covington who had a knee replacement this week. I haven’t called her as I figure she is enjoying a prescription cocktail!
* I love Louisiana!!!

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  1. Ha,Greta…My 15 year old won’t LET me get onto Facebook,LOL. She said “MySpace is for OLD people,Mom…Facebook is for the Young people like me!”
    So, I guess I’m put into my place:)

  2. Hi again,

    I stopped in on Jan and am happy to report she is back home, healing and looks terrific (as usual.) Very pleased at this point with the surgery.

    K is urging her to slope her way into the kitchen and start cooking and hoovering which she pays absolutely no attention to, other than to look more intently at the control switch of the knee movement machine. I predict she’ll be tap-dancing in four weeks! ;>

    I love it that you love Louisiana

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