As I told you in my last post, I hit the Southern Decadence Festival with a couple of friends and a video camera (not mine). Last night & today my super duper pal Milena from tried to transfer the footage from the tape & the tape is corrupted – no footage whatsoever. Even worse, my friend had her Christmas 2006 footage on there & let me tell you – it ain’t there! This could have been something really big – interviewing gay men in gay bars and asking them about Senator Craig, New Orleans, how long they have been out, if random encounters go on & BARNACLES – NO TAPE FOR YOU!!!!! Milena & I may try for a repeat Sunday night performance. Gosh – this was the freaking funniest thing you would have ever seen!
Picture 1. “Sparkle” conducting an interview. Picture 2. Visit to a Gay bar where nobody bought us a drink but we saw the “airman” dance around
Picture 3. me & my Cotillion sister
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  1. Love those pictures you put in now & then. You & your friends appear to be having a great time. It is such a shame about the video, a major shame, but you now have a good reason to return to those fun places.
    Love, Mom

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