Many thanks to my pal Don Stewart from DS Art for my brand new custom header. He is a ballpoint pen artist and usually does pictures with multiple pictures in them. I have bought tons for presents as they are all very reasonably priced and so cool! Please go visit his gallery!!! He also has lesson plans for teachers to use his artwork. I am truly honored that he designed this just for me.

Let me point a few things out:
1. lips – for kiss my gumbo
2. mardi gras mask – d’uh
3. angel wings since I am a Soldiers’ Angel

Don did all the work in ball point pen and mailed it to me. Then it took the genius of my pal Indian Chris who also is my right hand contributor at Hooah Wife. He colorized it and created the animated glitter for me. Big kudos to him for doing it the justice it deserved.

Another thanks to Indian Chris for designing the Garden Flag and header for Soldiers Angels LA. He is a great American!
Update: reader Steve saw this too mardicrab.jpg

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