Hard to believe we have only lived here a little over 7 months now. I have soaked up the culture and traditions and love learning about them each and every day. Mind you, my only experience here before our move here was a drive through Hurricane at Pat O’Breins as I traveled cross-country.

* Mardi Gras stuffed animals make great dog toys
* beads store nicely in the attic
* if the weather forecast says it won’t rain – it will- but it will end soon enough
* if the weather forecast says it will rain – it won’t – don’t water your lawn – it will rain soon
* Boudreaux & Thibodeau are not the brightest lights in the lamp shop
* Chris Rose is loved more than any local politician
* don’t attempt to spell anyone’s last name – you will get it wrong
* alcohol is acceptable at every event
* don’t tell anyone you haven’t been to Jazzfest yet
* don’t tell anyone you haven’t been part of a parade yet
* this is a small big town
* 6 degrees of separation can be played and won here with anybody
* the Saints and LSU are state religions
* politics is fun to poke fun at and is expected
* the fleur de lis is part of everyone’s family tree
* everyone has a relative “that lives in the country” of LA
* there is no such thing as an uptight person here
* hot sauce goes on every table before the salt and pepper
* coffee here ain’t for wimps
* going out to eat at least once a week is expected
* if you get in a elevator- expect to be spoken to
* never think you can go out into public without carrying on a conversation with someone
* NEVER schedule anything on a game day!
(c/p at NOLA.com)

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  1. Greta, Sounds as though you are thorougly acclimated to your new & permant home. You seem to have gotten a good grip on the way things are in your new southern living place. Perhaps you were never meant to be a northerner. Although, you once did like skiing. That would be a difficulty on the Lake , but you could perhaps waterski. Glad you love it so much. Love, Mom

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