Update as per NOLA.com
Killed were:
Whitney Myres, 15, of Bogalusa
Crystal Chavis, 14, of Bogalusa
Sharon Myres, 49, of Bogalusa
Samuel D. Smith, 38, of Pike County, MS

Also hospitalized are 2 boys ages 15 & 17

The names have not been released yet, but 4 were killed in St. Tammany last night. Keep me posted St Tammany and I will do the same here.

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  1. What a horrific tragedy. Greta, you know after losing a cousin that seatbelts They are a necessity. We would still have David had he been wearing a seatbelt. His sister spoke to the police asking this questioon, & indeed he would still be here for us all including his twin brother. Please everyone – WEAR SEATBELTS!

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