rlcdmsm.jpg This cool coffee art is painted by local artist Richard Lewis. He calls his art Caribbean Primitive/Pop. This picture is titled “Cafe’ au Lait and Beignets.” This picture is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. Honey – another hint of a picture I would really like!!!

The coolest thing about having a blog, is meeting readers in person or by e-mail. I have been so fortunate to meet one of the sweetest ladies in the world, Cindy Harris, who along with her hubby run Premier Dry Cleaners in Mandeville . Anyways, Cindy, who never read a blog before mine, is so encouraged by my positive attitude (I am the Princess of Positive) that she has asked me to share it with her customers. I already printed out one post and she stuck it on the counters and was amazed that people really read it. You know, you gotta wait for them to find your stuff and instead of staring into space – you read something. Well, I am long overdue to send her a new one. Not that I haven’t written anything positive in a while, but not one that is wholesome (did I really just use that word) enough for all to see. Smart business move. So today I am writing a post that Cindy can share with her customers. A post about a family owned dry-cleaning business that suffered post-Katrina. A family that has their faith and is not afraid to work hard. I may write positive and inspirational stuff every day, but Cindy lives it! So yes, you can find inspiration at the dry cleaners!
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