“It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it”
~Steven Wright~

First off let me say, it is absolutely beyond my comprehension how anyone in this world thinks they can get away with anything – because someone will know someone and it will come back one day to bite you in the “arse.” Since I am so “out there” and really have nothing to hide (I never inhaled- evil laugh inserted here), I don’t sweat encounters I have with strangers and I sure ain’t running for public office.

If I chat long enough with anyone, usually I can find some common ground or connection. In the internet and blogging world – geesh – that is another story – everyone is practically related! I don’t know Kevin Bacon, but I have a friend who has a Home Health nurse who has a sister who does make-up in Hollywood, so that may get me close to Kevin. Then I signed up for the Facebook 6 degrees experiment and low and behold Fred Thompson is connected to me. I bet he knows Kevin Bacon. Last year “Primetime” even dedicated a special to this theory. Now, in the military world, it is not uncommon to cross paths with friends over a career. But in the real world, well it is just soooo bizarre!

Seriously, how would I know anyone on the Saints? I have been on the air and in studio with Eric Asher and he covers the Saints – so that gets me closer. I’ve yet to even go to a game – this is my first season here! You ready for this? Sunday night I was invited to my friend Jenny’s 40th birthday party. I met Jenny in Mandeville and she was born and raised in El Paso- and we lived in El Paso and neither of us personally know Kevin Bacon – but she went to high school with my friends’ brother and we both drank at Aceituna’s and we will both visit there at the same time this year(bigrunonsentence) – strange – eh?

So hubby and I are sitting across the table from this couple, drinking a few cool ones, and chatting about all the places we have lived. Turns out he is a football coach and his family follows him around and we have been an active duty family until last year (yes – I followed him), so how would we ever have crossed paths? Imfreakingpossible right? Wrong!!!

When hubby nudged me and asked what years I went to the University of Maine (you never meet anyone from there in the South or outside of Maine), I couldn’t imagine why. It turns out that this coach had been at U Maine as a Graduate Assistant. What years was I there – well 86-90 and I was a student athletic trainer and traveled with the football team. I almost spewed a beer out of my mouth (and refrained – can’t stand beer abuse) when he said he was there at the same time! Holy *&%! we knew each other from Maine, 1989 we both earned a Yankee Conference Football Championship Ring! I swear I heard Twilight Zone music in the background and quickly chugged another Abita beer!!! Whowouldathunk the world was so small?
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4 Replies to “Greta connects to the Saints”

  1. I have a story like that:
    About 2 months after moving here I attend a Mom’s Club function at someone’s house. I walk in and see a picture or something of someone in an Ohio University shirt (not OSU) and that is my Alma Mater. I inquire and find out the host went to school there too. I ask where she is from and lo and behold we are from the same city! A small city that isn’t exactly known for having residents leave! (sound familiar?) We get talking more and realize we attended OU att the same time. She mentions her major. I mention a favorite instructor in the department and she tells me that instructor is friends with her parents and attended her wedding when she got married.


  2. I meet a man at my son’s little league baseball bbq that happens to be a former NFL player. I mention to him that one of my late grandfather’s good friends was a N.O. Saint and one of “da Bears”. He tells me his dad was a Bear at the same time and to top it off his dad also coached football at my wife’s high school while she was a student! Kevin Bacon must be in there somewhere.

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