Grinder, sub, po-boy/po’boy/po boy = bread and something in between it…or does it?

Growing up in a suburb of Boston, we always went to the local pizza place for a “grinder” (pronounced grind-ah). It could be any of your garden variety subs, prepared just the way you like it and popped into the big pizza oven by some “wicked nice guy” named Tony, working the family business. Along came Subway and cold subs – how nasty – well looks like lots of people were wrong. Then Quiznos came out with the toasted sub and now I have to say Po Boy? Wikipedia claims that
the difference is the traditional Louisiana bread. As for the origins of the sandwich, well there are countless theories on that and I certainly won’t tackle them.

I guess I don’t feel too bad when I shove a “dressed” catfish po’boy in my mouth! Now don’t get me started on the, “do you want it dressed thing.” Nobody ever asks if you want your po’boy naked or dressed. Dangit -are we so insensitive to po’boys that we can’t even ask their potential owner if they should be clothed or not?
20070327sandwich.jpg Not sure about this – but it has chocolate so it can’t be that bad!
Wow- Boston is talking about Po’ Boys now!
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