Tonight, Sunday, #1 son and myself moseyed on over to downtown Covington to watch the student portion of the Ozone Film Festival. It rained on and off all day – so they moved it from the outdoor venue to The Green Room. I got myself an Abita seasonal and he got a root beer. We both scoffed up the delicious cake that was in a room filled with various items from neighborhood restaurants. We sat with a small group from Calypso Patio Bar & Grill (get a website gang). They supplied some gumbo and were great to my son. We only made it through 11 entires because it was a school night. Admission was free – and for both drinks plus tip – I spent a total of $3!

Since #1 shares my warped sense of humor, we both enjoyed “The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie” by Stanley Wong, The “Hobbit Rap” (about hairy feet) by Dylan Beasley and the “Bad Chicken” by Tony and Vince LiCata. The others we saw were well done but a bit odd for my taste -you know the artsy interpretive stuff. Way cool evening and #1son is bragging that he got to hang in a real bar! I’ll probably get a call from school after he tells all his friends that his mom brought him to a bar!

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