Now that we are all settled into our new home in Louisiana, have embraced the culture, sold all the junk that doesn’t accommodate our new lifestyle, we have one little problem…………..we cheer for the enemy! Well, not the true enemy, but the opposing team, the teams that aren’t a favorite of Louisiana. Below is a list of who we (me & hubby – both born and raised in MA and met at the University of Florida) cheer for & some absolutely useless info about why and how (read on o/e):

The Patriots – a no brainer for us.

The Red Sox – if I cheered for another baseball team, my dad may spontaneously combust. He is a die-hard fan and confessed he could die after they won the World Series. He may see one game a year in Fenway, but trust me, he is watching or listening (with the hearing aids out and the TV at full blast to keep my mother annoyed enough that she won’t disturb him)!

The Bruins – at one time in my life, hockey was my favorite sport, then a strike, then living in the South so many times and, oh well….

The Maine Black Bears – you probably didn’t know they existed unless they are in some play-off in sports. They will always be near and dear to my heart as I spent a wonderful 4 years there. Now quit bugging me for donations – I personally don’t make squat (lol).

Army – Hubby graduated from West Point in 85 and after spending a career in the army, he (and me as his supporting role), will NEVER waiver from this one. The only time it really matters that we are Army, is during the Army-Navy Game and of course, when the Alumni society is soliciting donations!

The Gators – hubby and I both went to grad-school there. I was actually an athletic trainer there during the Spurrier regime, but worked with women’s sport – volleyball to be exact. I attended most the football games while (my hubby to be) made sure that he had a warm bar seat in the Purple Porpoise.

Well Louisiana, we promise to try and change our DNA and life experiences to cheer for the home team. But one thing we can guarantee you, (which is probably a little more important) is that we cheer for Louisiana, its’ people and the survival of a great state and the anchor city of New Orleans (our new identity). Go Louisiana!!!!!
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One Reply to “Switching Teams”

  1. It’s okay to hate the Saints!

    I was born and raised in southwest Louisiana and I despise the Saints and their owner and the millions of Louisiana tax dollars paid directly to them to keep them in the state.

    I prefer the Dallas Cowboys myself, but you can stay with New England…

    LSU, though, that’s another matter. If you don’t like LSU and they find out, they’ll punch a hole in your driver’s license…


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