showletter-21.jpg You know how everyone says, “it is that time of year.” Well I personally decided that today is that time. You know the time when you could get into 100% panic mode because you have so much stuff to do and are afraid you are going to forget something important. The time when you see Christmas trees, Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff in the store all at the same freaking time! I’m starting to think that the anti-anxiety drug industry is behind this movement – pushing merchandise into stores so we all start freaking out!

I was told to start looking for a Mardi Gras ball gown already – this is October! Deep breath everyone, time to get the to do lists in order!

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2 Replies to “That Time of Year”

  1. I so hear you on this one Greta! I almost passed out when they started announcing…only #$# days of shopping left until Christmas!!!! Pass the prozac please!LOL

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